Flash Mint (VISP V.2.0)

Direct On-Chain Index Swaps For A Simplified Trading Experience

Flash mint is a groundbreaking mechanism in the domain of decentralized finance (DeFi) revolutionizing the execution of large trades through decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

What is Flash Mint?

Flash Mint is an innovative integration designed to optimize the execution of large cryptocurrency trades by dynamically minting new units of a token directly from its underlying components. This process is particularly beneficial when the potential cost of slippage in typical DEX trades surpasses the cost of gas required for purchasing each token and minting a new product unit. Essentially, Flash Mint empowers users to indirectly acquire components of an index or token set and then mint a new unit effortlessly.

How Does Flash Mint Work?

  1. Initiating a Trade: Users initiate a trade by sending their preferred currency, such as BNB, USDT, or ETH, to the Flash Mint contract.

  2. Exchange into Underlying Assets: The sent currency is then swiftly exchanged into the precise amount of underlying assets required to mint new units of the desired token or index.

  3. Minting New Units: Following the exchange, the Flash Mint contract dynamically mints new units of the token or index using the acquired underlying assets. These newly minted units are promptly transferred back to the user's wallet, completing the trade efficiently.

Benefits of Flash Mint

  • Cost Savings: Flash Mint significantly reduces slippage, ensuring that large trades are executed at optimal prices while unlocking substantial cost savings for users.

  • Enhanced Liquidity: By facilitating large trades with minimized slippage, Flash Mint contributes to the enhancement of liquidity within DEXs, making it easier for users to execute trades of varying sizes at favorable prices.

Flash Mint VISP V.2.0 Features

  • Simplified Integration: VISP V.2.0 and Flash Mint offer a user-friendly and straightforward integration process, enabling incorporation of mint and redeem capabilities for crypto structured products into dApps.

  • Support for Various Products: Flash Mint boasts compatibility with a wide range of crypto structured products, including popular indices such as the Basket Index Token (BSK) and Platform Index Token (PLT), ensuring versatile applicability.


  • Flash Mint contracts are restricted to minting or redeeming an exact amount of Set token, imposing limitations on the flexibility of transaction amounts.

  • Users must ensure that tokens are approved on the contracts before utilizing any of the contract's functions, necessitating prior approval for integration and operation.


Flash Mint integrated in VISP V.2.0 presents a robust and streamlined solution, offering enhanced cost-efficiency, liquidity, and functionality. Flash Mint can also be integrated with different dApps and exchanges to optimize trade execution and enhance user experience within different platforms.

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