Multisig Wallets

Multisig wallets used for different functionalities within the ecosystem



Ecosystem Development & Community Development

Storing $VGT tokens for ecosystem development and community development

3/4 confirmations

Founders, Team and Advisors

Storing $VGT tokens allocated for founders team and advisors

3/4 confirmations

Seed Rounds and TDA

Storing $VGT tokens allocated for Seed Rounds and TDA

3/4 confirmations

Marketing and Partnerships

Storing $VGT token allocated for marketing and partnerships

3/4 confirmations

Strategic Reserves and Treasury

Storing $VGT token allocated for strategic reserves and treasury

3/4 confirmations

Ecosystem Controller

Management of VISP core infrastructure

4/5 confirmations

Revenue Account

Management of capital and ecosystem revenue generated through protocol fees and subscription

3/4 confirmations

Ecosystem Investment Account

Management of investments generated through direct sale of digital assets

3/4 confirmations

Token Set Manager Account

Management of underlying assets for different index and strategies

3/4 confirmations

Backend Smart Contract Development

Management of smart contract infrastructure, funded with BNB.

2/3 confirmations

Operations Account

Management of day-to-day operations, such as contributor rewards and expense requests.

2/3 confirmations

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