VISP Index and Strategy Protocol introduces the VISP protocol, a platform empowering entrepreneurs and fund managers to create customized tokenized strategies and indexes. This open-source system streamlines the process of managing digital asset indices while prioritizing security and accessibility within the ecosystem.

Asset Management with VISP

Through VISP, users can efficiently craft their digital asset indices within a single transaction. Underlying assets for each token set are securely held on-chain in a smart contract, allowing for convenient trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) during rebalancing via VISP modules. The manager of each token set initiates trades during rebalancing, and a Delegated Manager system enables multiple stakeholders to share the responsibilities of maintaining a token set.

Burning and Minting of Token Sets

Users who hold the appropriate ratio of underlying assets for a specific index can easily purchase or swap these assets using VISP's Basic Issuance Module. This module securely holds assets within the protocol and issues tokens accordingly. When users wish to sell tokens, they receive the underlying assets in their non-custodial wallet. All these transactions are securely processed on-chain.

Secondary Markets

If an index strategy gains user adoption, it can be made available on secondary markets, including both decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs). Every token corresponding to an index strategy can be listed on various exchanges.

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