Tokens Restricted for Restricted Persons

If the user is considering purchasing or acquiring our restricted token products, it's crucial to note certain restrictions. Specifically, these tokens should not be obtained if one falls into any of the following categories: being a U.S. citizen, resident, green card holder, or entity incorporated in or controlled by the U.S., or if one is located in a jurisdiction where such transactions are deemed unlawful. Our tokens haven't undergone registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 or any U.S. securities regulatory authority, rendering their sale within the U.S. to Restricted Persons impermissible. Moreover, distribution of our tokens to Restricted Persons on secondary markets or platforms is prohibited. To ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, purchasers must familiarize themselves with these restrictions. We reserve the right to enforce additional restrictions at our discretion, which will be communicated through our terms of service or website.

It's paramount to exercise caution and diligence when considering the acquisition of our restricted token products. Individuals or entities falling within the aforementioned criteria, including U.S. citizens, residents, and those subject to U.S. jurisdictional laws, should refrain from engaging in transactions involving our tokens. Such tokens have not been registered with relevant U.S. regulatory bodies and cannot be legally sold within the U.S. to Restricted Persons. Furthermore, any distribution of these tokens to Restricted Persons via secondary markets or platforms is strictly prohibited. Buyers are urged to ensure strict adherence to these restrictions and to stay informed about any additional regulations we may impose at our discretion. This information will be communicated through our terms of service or website, providing clarity and transparency regarding the permissible use and distribution of our token products.

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