Why ?

Why did Vingt.io choose BNB-Chain for developing its application layer ?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is known for its robust smart contract capabilities and compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), offering fast transaction times and low fees. Despite its potential, many developers have favored Ethereum and Polygon over BSC. Currently, only a few legitimate DeFi projects operate on BSC, presenting a significant opportunity. Vingt.io plans to establish a comprehensive AI-based DeFi ecosystem on BSC, with a future expansion to other EVM-based blockchains, ultimately contributing to decentralized digital asset management's growth.

Why is Vingt.io better than its competitors ?

Vingt.io's competitive edge lies in its pioneering role in AI-based DeFis, the distinction of being the first comprehensive ecosystem on BNB-Chain, its dynamic growth model, total decentralization with open-source, permissionless Web3.0 compatibility, and a commitment to secure on-chain digital asset management. These unique features collectively position Vingt.io as a leader in the industry, setting it apart from its competitors.

Why would anyone invest in Vingt.io Ecosystem

Investing in Vingt.io is an attractive proposition due to the enormous cryptocurrency user base, expected to reach one billion in the near future. Vingt.io's on-chain DeFi protocols offer a compelling alternative to traditional Fin-tech products, while its strategic position within the Binance community on BNB-Chain leverages a relatively low Total Value Locked (TVL) for DeFis. The absence of fully decentralized asset management tools further underscores the potential of Vingt.io, which is set to pioneer innovative solutions in the blockchain sphere, driven by Generative AI. Investing in Vingt.io means entering a dynamic, pioneering ecosystem with diverse growth prospects, actively contributing to the cryptocurrency industry's evolution.

Why is Vingt.io not giving equity to investors ?

Vingt.io distinctly operates as a decentralized financial ecosystem driven by tokens. It is important to clarify that Vingt.io does not conform to the traditional corporate model and does not function as a security. In this context, being a shareholder in the parent company does not confer the typical benefits associated with ownership or entail dividends for shareholders. Instead, it primarily establishes a legal commitment without translating into any form of centralized ownership within the ecosystem.

The essence of Vingt.io's structure lies in its inherent decentralization. Centralized ownership or any traditional form of ownership does not impart any additional advantages to investors. In this regard, Vingt.io firmly adheres to its token-based model, ensuring that the ecosystem operates on decentralized principles while upholding legal responsibilities as required.

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