Who ?

Who are the current investors in Vingt.io ?

We have completed our Pre Seed Initial Sale and collected the funds needed at the first stage. Mostly family, friends and some early adopters have invested at this stage. We are now in the Private Seed Round and are expecting investments from VC’s and angel investors.

Who are the founders of Vingt.io ?

This team consists of core members, all of whom are engineers from McGill University, Montreal Canada. The team has a combined experience of 25 years object-oriented programming, 15 years of banking experience in European banks with daily exposure to similar hedging products in the Equity space as well as 20 years of experience in audit and taxation. The team has successfully created different apps, software projects working together as a team for more than a decade and have a keen interest in block chain technology. They are in the cryptocurrency industry since 2013 and have a deep knowledge not only as software engineers but also as investors in this volatile crypto market.

Masud Farshori is the CEO and Founder of Vingt.io. He is an Electrical Engineering graduate from McGill University, Montreal, and his interests lie in blockchain technology, innovation and object-oriented programming. Masud started his crypto journey in 2013, and has been an early adopter and a firm believer of crypto being an integral part of the future. He was able to identify the importance of the Binance ecosystem and became an early investor of BNB. He launched Vingt.io Eco-system on Binance Smart Chain in 2021, realizing that the future of smart contracts does not lie on Ethereum’s proof-of-work technology. Masud has worked at the executive level for the Government, having vast experience in audit and taxation. Being a forward thinker, Masud is an active Philanthropist, an Angel Investor in Fintech and Defis and does part time Vlogging. He also has an avid interest in the Real Estate market.

Asad Farshori is a seasoned Finance Professional who holds a Chartered Accountant qualification in addition to his Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University, Montreal. He is passionate about what blockchain technology has to offer to the Financial Services industry and his vision revolves around fast, safe and manageable blockchain backed financial products for the future. This foresight has led to Asad being one of the co-founders and a key advisor to the Vingt.io project where his mission is to bring the Crypto market on level playing field with what traditional financial markets have to offer. Asad has over 20 years of experience in Financial Services and Capital Markets and has strong analytical and programming skills. Besides Crypto, his interests lie in ESG, Fintech and Automation. He has worked in Morgan Stanley, RBS, HSBC and PWC.

Who are the Competitors of Vingt.io ?

In the competitive landscape of the digital asset industry, Vingt.io encounters several significant competitors. These contenders span various categories, including asset management protocols like Index-Coop, AI-based blockchain projects, smart contract automation protocols, and permissionless DeFi platforms, which encompass 3rd-generation DEXs and self-custody wallets. As we navigate this dynamic environment, Vingt.io is unwavering in its commitment to providing a distinctive value proposition through AI-driven DeFi solutions and pioneering innovations that set us apart within the sector.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience comprises users of the BNB Chain, newcomers to the financial market seeking enhanced returns on investment compared to conventional options, individuals actively exploring investment alternatives, people interested in AI-based automation with DeFi, and those who firmly believe in fostering innovation.

Who can I reach out if I have any further question ?

The Vingt.io team is happy to answer any questions that investors may have. Our investors relationship team can be contacted at support@vingt.io . Drop us a line and we shall endeavor to reply as soon as possible. If you have a question, ask us. If not, do still drop us a line and let us know what you think of our project.

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