VISP places a paramount emphasis on the security and reliability of the Index and Strategy Protocol (VISP). To uphold the highest standards, our protocol is subject to rigorous third-party audits by esteemed auditing firms.

Third-Party Audits

In our commitment to fortifying the security and integrity of VISP, our protocol undergoes comprehensive audits conducted by reputable and independent auditing entities. These audits aim to thoroughly assess the smart contract architecture, security mechanisms, and overall functionality of VISP.

Auditing Firms engages with well-established auditing firms renowned for their expertise in blockchain security and smart contract assessments. The selection of these auditing partners is based on their proven track record, credibility in the industry, and commitment to delivering thorough and reliable assessments.As part of our dedication to transparency and security, we disclose the results of these third-party audits to our community. These audit reports play a crucial role in validating the security measures implemented in VISP, ensuring its resilience to potential vulnerabilities, and fostering trust among our users.

Building on Secure Foundations

It's noteworthy that VISP is built upon the foundations of Set Protocol V2, a widely recognized and audited protocol in the decentralized finance space. The underlying infrastructure inherits the security assurances provided by Set Protocol V2, which has undergone extensive third-party audits.

Continuous Improvement

Security is an ongoing concern, and is committed to continuous improvement. Regular audits, along with proactive security measures, are integral components of our strategy to enhance the overall security posture of VISP. We actively seek and implement recommendations from auditors to fortify the protocol against emerging threats.The following section provides a summary of key audit reports conducted by third-party firms, highlighting the steps taken to address any identified issues and further solidify VISP's standing as a secure and reliable decentralized asset management platform.The listed smart contracts are only those that have been utilized by VISP or are planned for future use. It's important to note that the scope of the audits extends beyond what VISP is currently using or plans to use, and specifically, VISP is not utilizing oracles at present and has no plans for their integration in the near future.​


Smart Contracts


Controller, IntegrationRegistry, SetToken, SetTokenCreator, DebtIssuanceModuleV2, StreamingFeeModule, TradeModule, BasicIssuanceModule


BasicIssuanceModule, Controller, SetToken, StreamingFeeModule, IntegrationRegistry, SetTokenCreator


BasicIssuanceModule, Controller, SetToken, StreamingFeeModule, IntegrationRegistry, SetTokenCreator, TradeModule



While the audits are a thorough investigation of the code’s integrity, please be advised that these audits do not provide a 100% foolproof guarantee that the contracts are free from vulnerabilities.

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