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What is Vingt.io?

Vingt.io is a decentralized ecosystem primarily focused on on-chain asset management. Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB), it offers users a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols within its ecosystem.

At its core, Vingt.io prioritizes decentralized on-chain asset management. Leveraging advanced AI technology, it empowers users to securely self-manage their digital assets on-chain, ensuring complete control and transparency over their investments. With a commitment to user experience and minimal transaction fees, Vingt.io eliminates the need for third-party involvement in asset management processes.

By fostering decentralization and innovation, Vingt.io aims to bridge the gap between traditional investors and the DeFi market, creating a secure, decentralized, and profitable environment for all participants.

What are the characteristics of this ecosystem? Is it a Layer-2 (L2) or an Application Layer?

Vingt.io operates solely as an application layer within the decentralized ecosystem of the Binance Smart Chain (BNB). Unlike Layer-2 (L2) solutions that aim to scale the main blockchain, Vingt.io focuses on delivering decentralized applications and protocols directly within the BNB-chain environment.

As an application layer, Vingt.io offers users a seamless experience by leveraging the security and reliability of the underlying BNB-chain infrastructure. Users can securely manage their digital assets and engage in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities without compromising on security or efficiency.

What is the difference between Vingt.io and VGT ?

Vingt.io represents a comprehensive ecosystem comprising several interconnected decentralized applications, operated though an AI network. VGT, the utility governance token associated with Vingt.io, serves as the linchpin connecting all of its products and services.

What were the pain points observed by Vingt.io in this industry

Vingt.io has identified market legitimacy as a significant pain point, which can be addressed by securing reputable backers. To achieve this, Vingt.io is raising a small amount of capital, with a focus on acquiring the right partners rather than raising a large sum. These strategic partners will play a crucial role in helping Vingt.io establish a solid reputation in the market, contributing to its long-term success and growth.

Additionally, community building has been recognized as another challenge for Vingt.io. To overcome this obstacle, Vingt.io is seeking external assistance with marketing to establish a robust and engaged community on social media platforms. This effort is essential for building a strong user base for Vingt.io's product and driving sustainable growth. While Vingt.io is actively working on building an organic community through its new marketing agency, it acknowledges the importance of continuing to enhance these efforts to foster a thriving and supportive community around its ecosystem.

What is Vingt.io’s business model ?

At Vingt.io, our primary objective is the creation of an on-chain AI-based DeFi ecosystem tailored specifically for asset management. This foundational goal serves as the cornerstone of Vingt.io's strategic vision, driving our efforts to revolutionize the way digital assets are managed within the cryptocurrency landscape. By leveraging advanced AI technology and decentralized finance protocols, Vingt.io aims to provide users with robust on-chain asset management solutions that optimize efficiency, security, and transparency. The focus on asset management underscores Vingt.io's commitment to addressing the evolving needs of crypto enthusiasts and investors, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the digital asset space with confidence and ease.

Aligned with Vingt.io's core objective, the company is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and the world of DeFi. This commitment extends beyond mere accessibility, as Vingt.io strives to offer investors a seamless transition into the realm of blockchain technology. By integrating AI-driven asset management solutions into its decentralized ecosystem, Vingt.io aims to not only enhance the user experience but also foster greater trust and reliability in the cryptocurrency industry. Through this innovative approach, Vingt.io envisions a future where asset management becomes more efficient, inclusive, and accessible to all, driving the broader adoption and utilization of blockchain technology in mainstream financial systems.

What is the Vingt.io's Revenue model?

Vingt.io's revenue model centers on charging fees for the services it provides within its ecosystem. Specifically, Vingt.io implements a streaming fee system, where users are charged based on the funds stored within VISP protocol indexes on-chain. For long-term holds, such as these indexes, the streaming fee is set at 1.5% per year. However, for leveraged exposure tokens like Eth2x or Btc2x, which are considered more medium-term holds, the fees are higher, up to 3.5% per year.

This fee model extends to all of Vingt.io's future products, including wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEX), and smart contract automation protocols. Notably, Vingt.io ensures that its fees remain competitive by offering rates lower than those of its competitors in the market. Furthermore, in-wallet trades conducted using the VGT token will benefit from reduced fees, providing additional incentives for users to engage with the Vingt.io ecosystem.

What problems did Vingt.io identified in this industry ?

In the cryptocurrency industry, Vingt.io has identified key challenges. These include a lack of decentralized, open-source, and permissionless protocols, which restrict innovation and collaboration. Additionally, inefficient integration of smart contract protocols with centralized asset management tools can hinder effective asset management. Investors face difficulties managing multiple digital assets due to the absence of cryptocurrency equivalents to traditional financial products. Moreover, the industry lacks a sufficient number of digital assets with legitimate use cases.

What are the solutions to these problems ?

To tackle these challenges, Vingt.io aims to establish a network of DeFi protocols for optimized on-chain digital asset management. This move is aimed at expanding Vingt.io's digital infrastructure, creating a bridge between traditional financial market investors and the DeFi space. By addressing these issues, Vingt.io is poised to bring greater utility and practicality to the industry.

Vingt.io is leading the charge in transforming the cryptocurrency landscape with a cutting-edge generative AI-based DeFi ecosystem. This ecosystem is designed to provide decentralized digital asset management, giving users the tools and insights they need for effective asset management while ensuring their security.

Furthermore, Vingt.io is committed to helping investors diversify their cryptocurrency holdings by offering blockchain-controlled Indexed products, similar to traditional indices like the S&P500. Our decentralized exchange with concentrated liquidity enhances the trading experience, ensuring ample liquidity for smooth on-chain transactions. Additionally, our fully decentralized on-chain interconnected Smart Contracts and self-custody wallets provide enhanced security and transparency. As part of this ecosystem, Vingt.io is also creating digital assets that are closely tied to its functions. These comprehensive solutions demonstrate Vingt.io's dedication to tackling industry challenges and bringing about an era of more efficient, secure, and diversified blockchain investments.

What are the use cases of Vingt.io products ?

The Vingt.io ecosystem comprises three core components, each demanding strategic and long-term solutions.

AI Framework: The core of the Vingt.io ecosystem is its AI Framework, which is empowered by Generative AI. This framework forms the foundational bedrock of our DeFi ecosystem, ushering in a new era of asset management through intelligent solutions. It leverages the power of Generative AI to revolutionize decentralized asset management, ensuring a seamless experience that mirrors centralized products while harnessing the benefits of decentralized protocols.

Ecosystem Protocols: Operating in conjunction with our AI Framework are a set of robust protocols that play a central role in our ecosystem. The Vingt.io Index and Strategy Protocol (VISP) is dedicated to decentralized asset management, creating blockchain collateralized digital assets. Additionally, VingtSwap V3, a third-generation AMM DEX, optimizes token swaps on EVM-based blockchains with concentrated liquidity, enhancing ecosystem efficiency. Moreover, the Smart Contract Automation Protocol (SCAP) streamlines transaction execution through smart contract automation, simplifying processes and reducing potential errors.

Ecosystem Resources: To further enhance the Vingt.io ecosystem, we provide valuable resources. V Labs takes on a pivotal role by identifying, incubating, and accelerating third-party AI-based DeFi projects, fostering an ecosystem ripe for innovation. In tandem, V Cube offers non-custodial wallet services designed to facilitate decentralized asset management, prioritizing both security and user-friendliness. Vingt.io remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a comprehensive AI-based DeFi ecosystem that ensures users enjoy a seamless, user-friendly experience akin to centralized products while benefiting from decentralized protocols. This dedication drives us to make decentralized asset management more accessible to all users.

What is the current stage in Vingt.io’s lifecycle ?

Vingt.io is currently in a pivotal stage of its lifecycle, having successfully completed the development of its flagship protocol, VISP. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in the project's journey, signaling the transition from the planning and development phase to the operational phase. With VISP live and operational, Vingt.io is now focused on further enhancing its ecosystem and expanding its user base.

Additionally, the introduction of Flash Mint, a groundbreaking feature that allows users to mint and burn index tokens directly on-chain, adds another layer of functionality to the VISP protocol. This innovative feature enhances the flexibility and usability of the ecosystem, empowering users to manage their digital assets with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

What is the current status of VGT ?

Vingt.io's native token, VGT, boasts a fixed total supply of 1 billion BEP-20 tokens, acting as the governance token for the entire ecosystem. As of now, it's exclusively available to early investors via the seed round and isn't yet tradable on exchanges. However, there's anticipation for a Token Generation Event (TGE) or Initial DEX Offering (IDO) slated tentatively for September 30th, 2024. This event aims to broaden access to VGT tokens, symbolizing Vingt.io's dedication to decentralization and community involvement, empowering participants to influence the ecosystem's trajectory.

What is the utility of VGT?

The value of the Vingt.io Governance Token (VGT) is driven by several key factors, based on its use cases within the Vingt.io ecosystem. These factors can be categorized into governance, utility, and network effects. Here are the major drivers of demand or value accrual for VGT:

  • Governance Participation: Decision-Making Power, Community Engagement

  • Network Operations: Transaction Fees, Operational Costs

  • Staking Rewards: Incentives for Holding

  • Eco-System Transactions: Utility in Transactions, Integration with Other Protocols

  • Ecosystem Growth: Adoption and User Base, Innovations and Upgrades

  • Liquidity and Market Access

What does Vingt.io core team plans to do with the funds raised?

Vingt.io is currently seeking funding to accelerate its expansion and development strategy, which revolves around three key pillars: team augmentation, business expansion, and community engagement. Through strategic resource allocation, we aim to bolster our expertise in ecosystem and blockchain development by enlarging our team while cultivating strategic partnerships to extend our market presence and foster innovation. Simultaneously, we emphasize community involvement via diverse initiatives like seminars and meet-ups, empowering users to actively shape our platform's trajectory. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to dynamic growth, innovation, and community-driven progress within the evolving blockchain landscape.

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