Technical Reference

In the VingtSwap V3 ecosystem, two fundamental components stand as the pillars of its functionality: the Core and the Periphery. These two segments are intricately designed to serve unique yet interdependent roles in the protocol.

Core: The Engine of Protocol Operations

At the core of VingtSwap V3 lies a robust framework governed by a collection of core contracts, each playing a vital role in underpinning the essential functions of the protocol. These contracts are the cornerstone of VingtSwap V3, providing not only crucial safety guarantees but also streamlined operational efficiency for all participants within the ecosystem. The Core comprises various integral elements, contributing to the overall success of the protocol.

Factory: The Genesis of Pools

The Factory, a pivotal module within the Core, acts as the genesis of pools. This central component is responsible for defining the logic behind pool creation. In the VingtSwap V3 realm, pools are formed by pairing two distinct assets and specifying a fee structure. The Factory empowers the creation of multiple pools with shared asset pairs, each distinguished solely by the applied swap fee.

Pools: The Dynamic Exchange Hub

Pools are perhaps the most dynamic element within the Core, serving as the hub of asset exchange. These automated market makers facilitate seamless, frictionless asset swaps between paired assets. However, their significance extends beyond mere transaction facilitation. Pools also act as vital sources of real-time, accurate price oracle data, enriching the decision-making processes of VingtSwap V3 users.

Periphery: Elevating Clarity and Safety

While the Core serves as the foundation, the Periphery complements the VingtSwap V3 ecosystem by providing domain-specific functionalities that enhance user clarity and safety. The Periphery introduces a range of modules that extend the capabilities of the VingtSwap V3 protocol.

SwapRouter: The Gateway to Trading

The SwapRouter is the primary interface through which users access VingtSwap V3's trading functionalities. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital asset exchange, this critical component plays a pivotal role in meeting the diverse requirements of a user-facing trading interface. Whether it involves single asset trades or more complex multihop exchanges, the SwapRouter empowers users to navigate the VingtSwap V3 ecosystem with flexibility and ease.

Nonfungible Position Manager: Empowering Liquidity Providers

The Nonfungible Position Manager (NPM) is a significant entity within the Periphery, responsible for managing positions within the VingtSwap V3 ecosystem. This component provides liquidity providers with the ability to create, adjust, or exit positions by minting and burning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent their holdings. The NPM empowers liquidity providers to exercise precision and control over their positions.

Oracle: The Relayer of Critical Data

The Oracle serves as the relayer of critical data within the VingtSwap V3 ecosystem. It plays a pivotal role by providing essential price and liquidity data. This data is indispensable for a wide array of system designs, ensuring that VingtSwap V3 users have access to reliable, accurate information. The Oracle is an integral part of every deployed pool, contributing to the consistent and trustworthy operations of VingtSwap V3.

Periphery Libraries: Empowering Developers

The Periphery Libraries represent a comprehensive toolbox of resources and tools extended to developers. These utilities encompass a spectrum of functions, from calculating pool addresses to facilitating secure asset transfers. These offerings streamline the development process, empowering developers to create applications and services that seamlessly interact with the VingtSwap V3 ecosystem.

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