V Labs (Incubator/Accelerator)

Nurturing And Accelerating The Growth And Expansion Of New AI-based DeFi Projects
In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation stands as a paramount driving force. V Labs, the venture capital and incubator division of, is singularly committed to the identification, investment, and launch of third-party projects seamlessly integrating AI-based solutions with DeFi within the ecosystem. Our core mission centers on fostering the growth of projects operating at the confluence of AI and DeFi. We accomplish this through strategic financial support, mentorship, and the provision of a comprehensive resource infrastructure for pioneering technical teams.

Incubator: Fostering Innovation

A central mission of V Labs is to champion projects that effectively harness the synergies of AI and DeFi. By doing so, we play a pivotal role in the broader adoption and advancement of blockchain technology. Our approach is reflected in tailored programs and initiatives designed to facilitate visionary entrepreneurs and projects exploring the fusion of AI and DeFi. These offerings include an extensive incubation program that grants access to the wealth of resources embedded within the ecosystem. Additionally, we offer expert guidance in areas such as token engineering and design, ensuring a solid foundation for innovative projects. Complementing these programs, we administer a dedicated fellowship program aimed at fostering research and development within the blockchain and AI-based DeFi space.

Identifying Early-Stage Projects

At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering focus on the discovery of projects in their nascent or incubation phases. These projects are characterized by small, highly motivated teams fully dedicated to their ventures, with a particular focus on the exploration of groundbreaking AI and DeFi solutions.

Empowering through VingtSwap V3 Liquidity Mining and VGT Staking has significantly enhanced the staking experience through the integration of VingtSwap V3, which includes Liquidity Mining. This enhancement allows users to actively engage by providing liquidity to diverse pools, thereby earning rewards. This innovation not only empowers our community but also plays a pivotal role in facilitating decentralized exchanges and strengthening the growth of innovative DeFi projects. Simultaneously, it contributes to the ongoing evolution of the broader blockchain ecosystem.
Moreover, users can participate in VGT staking, facilitating their engagement in AI-based DeFi initiatives and the acquisition of new token rewards. These staking opportunities create a mutually beneficial ecosystem, fostering the growth of innovative projects at the intersection of AI and DeFi. Consequently, the ecosystem remains at the forefront of pioneering advancements within the blockchain realm, ensuring the prosperity of our community and the broader AI-based DeFi sector.