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Empowering Diverse Investors through AI Advancements in DeFi

Overview is committed to fostering the growth and increasing adoption of digital assets and integrating AI-driven solutions. Despite a thriving digital asset spot market, there are gaps in the structured sector. Vital financial products that could empower investors to achieve better returns on their capital are noticeably lacking. Investors struggle to implement broader investment strategies and capitalize on customized solutions for more substantial returns. Additionally, the infrastructure faces challenges in keeping up with rapid consumer-driven growth, leading to operational issues in managing investor assets. Governance Token

Investor Concerns

Investors encounter various challenges that hinder their involvement in the decentralized space, emphasizing the need for innovative AI-based solutions. These challenges include the absence of decentralized and permissionless protocols, making it difficult to efficiently integrate Smart Contracts with various digital asset management tools. Additionally, there are differences between crypto solutions and traditional options, along with usability issues in managing diverse digital portfolios. The market is flooded with digital assets lacking practical use cases, worsening the scarcity of assets with real value. comprehensively addresses these concerns to attract and retain potential investors.

Why is at the forefront of AI-based DeFi ecosystems, offering a wide-ranging application layer that pioneers innovative financial solutions. Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional investors and the DeFi market, creating a secure, decentralized, and profitable environment.
The vision behind the creation of ecosystem is to bridge the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency markets by providing structured solutions thus enabling investors to maximize returns. Ecosystem
As a leader in the AI-based DeFi ecosystem, has developed the world's first asset management tool that uses machine learning and AI to manage and connect on-chain protocols. introduces a dynamic growth model that incorporates decentralized, open-source, and permissionless web3.0 compatible applications, as the digital asset industry experiences exponential growth. Ecosystem Components

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    AI Framework
    • Block-AI: Forms the backbone of the DeFi ecosystem and utilizes supervised and reinforced machine learning techniques through Generative AI for ecosystem management.
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    Ecosystem Protocols
    • VISP ( Index and Strategy Protocol): Enables the creation of blockchain collateralized digital assets for decentralized asset management.
    • VingtSwap V3: A 3rd generation AMM DEX that uses concentrated liquidity for swapping tokens on EVM based blockchains.
    • SCAP (Smart Contract Automation Protocol): Provides transaction execution services through the auto-execution of smart contract transactions.
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    Ecosystem Resources
    • V Labs: Identifies, incubates and accelerates third-party AI-based DeFi projects.
    • V Cube: Non-custodial wallet services for facilitating decentralized asset management.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Empowering digital asset market participants with AI-based DeFi solutions to enhance on-chain asset management and actively participate in the self-regulation of the ecosystem.


Leading the digital asset market towards higher levels of financial empowerment and inclusivity by merging AI and DeFi for optimal asset management.


Clarity Of Thought

Prioritizing what is important to our user before approaching any problem and articulating with a clear thought process.

Dynamic Approach

We believe in dreaming big and doing things that have not been done before. We are not hesitant to make tough choices with changing environment, while keeping long-term objectives as our priority.


We recognise perseverance as the key to long-term success. We work as a team, motivating one another through hard times and celebrating milestones together. We believe in giving 100% without fail.

Great Ideas

We understand that great ideas bring exponential growth. We penetrate beyond the surface to understand core issues and express ideas and in the freedom of thought, regardless of the organisation’s hierarchy and experience.

Taking Ownership

We want everyone in our organisation to act as owners. Our company’s culture revolves around mutual respect and taking initiative to deliver objectives without compromising quality and speed of our decision-making.