⌃K Ecosystem

Revolutionizing the DeFi market for a broad range of investors

Overview champions cryptocurrency growth and its ever-increasing adoption. While a booming spot market exists, gaps are present on the structured front. Products that would ideally enable investors to provide a higher return on capital are still missing from the picture. Investors are unable to execute macro strategies easily or able to take advantage of tailored solutions to generate strong returns. Additionally, the infrastructure struggles to catch up with the growth fuelled by consumer demand, leading to cumbersome operational hurdles in the day-to-day management of investor assets.

Investor Concerns

There is a myriad of issues faced by investors which hampers active participation in the decentralized space. The key challenges include the lack of decentralized and permission less protocols which leads to an inefficient Smart Contract protocol interpolation with the various centralized digital asset management tools. Other challenges include the general inequivalence when it comes to crypto solutions and their more conventional counterparts, as well as the overall ease of use of various platforms and tools to manage a truly diverse digital portfolio. The market is also inundated with digital assets without any real use-cases, and there is a critical shortage of assets that can pose a valid use case for their existence. deals with these problems in a comprehensive manner to grow and retain potential investors.

Why is building an AI based DeFi Ecosystem on BNB-Chain that uses Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) to provide decentralized financial solutions through its native governance token, VGT. aims to link conventional investors to the DeFi market by bridging gaps through multiple projects in a decentralized, secure, and profitable environment.
The vision behind the creation of ecosystem is to bridge the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency markets by providing structured solutions thus enabling investors to maximize returns. is the pioneer of AI based DeFi ecosystem and has created world's first asset management tool that uses machine learning and AI to manage and interconnect on-chain protocols. provides a dynamic growth model that incorporates decentralized, open source and permission less web3.0 compatible projects as the digital asset industry grows exponentially.
As a Layer-2 ecosystem on BNB-Chain provides multiple services that includes,
  • Decentralized asset management through non-custodial wallets and on-chain custodial service.
  • VISP protocol for AUM (Assets Under Management) to create blockchain collateralized digital assets.
  • DeFi-GPT for AI interpolation using both supervised and reinforced machine learning techniques using Generative AI.
  • Decentralized permission-less platform for virtual social interactions through dynamic NFTs and Web3.0 compatibility.
  • Digital Franchising for 3rd party Ecosystem participation using launchpads.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Enabling cryptocurrency market participants to maximize their investment gains while minimizing losses and allowing them to govern their ecosystem through a democratic system of voting.


Our vision is to enable cryptocurrency market participants to enjoy the same market opportunities as traditional investors within a single self-governed ecosystem managed through the VGT token.


Clarity Of Thought

Prioritizing what is important to our user before approaching any problem and articulating with a clear thought process.

Dynamic Approach

We believe in dreaming big and doing things that have not been done before. We are not hesitant to make tough choices with changing environment, while keeping long-term objectives as our priority.


We recognise perseverance as the key to long-term success. We work as a team, motivating one another through hard times and celebrating milestones together. We believe in giving 100% without fail.

Great Ideas

We understand that great ideas bring exponential growth. We penetrate beyond the surface to understand core issues and express ideas and in the freedom of thought, regardless of the organisation’s hierarchy and experience.

Taking Ownership

We want everyone in our organisation to act as owners. Our company’s culture revolves around mutual respect and taking initiative to deliver objectives without compromising quality and speed of our decision-making.